We Understand The Unique Problems You Face As A Chess Coach

We like to make it personal

We understand the problem you go through as a chess coach. Our founder, Fide Master Charlie Storey is a chess coach himself and like every other chess coach struggled to take his business online. 

Our Agency will help you find more students online. We’ll provide you with state of the art tools to help you coach students and conduct tournaments online.

Our Three Step Approach


Book A Free Consultation

The first step to working with us is to book a free consultation online. In our consultation call, we’ll talk about your chess coaching business and the challenges you face


We Prepare a Proposal

The goal of the free consultation call is to understand your challenges so we can prepare a proposal that completely solves your problem. We charge £100-£500 pounds to prepare a proposal which is taken off your bill if you take our proposal.


We Execute The Proposal

If you wish, we can then execute the plan in the proposal or you can take the proposal to a different agency, freelancer or even your employee to implement. 


Charlie Storey
Chess Consultant

Charlie is a Fide Master and a Fide Certified Coach

Ifunaya David

David is an expert in customer acquisition

Beth Harmon
Graphic designer

Beth makes dreams become a reality

The Sniper

WordPress Guru and Project Manager

Seb's Team

Web Based programming soloutions and Mr Fix it.